Milk Fed Veal

Nature Veal;  A.K.A, Milk fed, Provimi, Plume DeVeau.  As the animal grows older, its meat turns dark red.  Eventually turning into beef.  Nature fed veal calves were created in the mid 60’s, to satisfy demands for restaurants throughout the country.  At the time calves were plentiful and they needed to create a market for them.  Nature fed calves are the calves that are restricted in their movement, no other calves are.  They are fed a special formula.  This formula, along with restricted muscle movement, keeps the meat from getting darker as it grows older.  The color is similar to that of bobbed veal, but the texture, taste and bite are much different.  Nature veal has very little taste, and a grainer bite and texture.  Due to the size of the animal, (about 350 to 450lb. Live) some of the cuts are not recommended for sauté’.  Usually leg muscles are used for sauté’, shoulder muscles for roasting and stewing, similar to beef cuts, however the loin and rib sections are excellent for grilling or baking.  It is a very tender area on the calf.  This meat, due to marketing, is the most popular of the three grades, and due to the consistent cost of care and feed, it is also the most expensive.