Natural Fed Veal

Natural Fed Veal; A.K.A. Grain fed. These calves, not as popular in America as they are in the rest of the world, are not formula fed, are not motion restricted, they are the most humanely treated animals in my opinion, on the market. These calves are fed an all-natural grain formula. They are muzzled when allowed to range as to keep them from eating outside the barns, were bacteria, insects and pesticides are found in grass or hay. The cuts and uses are the same as the nature fed animals, but the similarity ends there. Color, Reddish in appearance, texture, sauté’ cuts, a little grainer than nature, but the rest is the same. Taste is where the biggest difference is. Natural fed, chops for grilling, or shoulders for roasting or shanks for the osso bucco, has a much more flavorable taste. It is as tender and as moist as nature fed veal. Average weight, 450 to 550lbs. live. But still, due to the economic times, and such a large beef demand in this country. I believe that natural fed veal will become the most popular veal.